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Ingénieuses 2021: call for applications

The Conference of the Deans of French Schools of Engineering (CDEFI) is organising the "Ingénieuses" Competition, for the eleventh consecutive year. The aim is to encourage more girls into science and technology courses and engineering careers.

Several prizes are on offer: French Engineering Student Prize This prize is intended to reward an engineering student whose background, ambitions and community involvement are examples for younger students. The winner will receive a prize worth ?1,000, awarded in partnership with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie. Women in Engineering - two prizes Working women engineers, whatever their age and experience, are invited to apply for one of the Women in Engineering Awards. These awards are intended to recognize the career paths of two working women engineers, regardless of age and experience, who, through their ambition, personal and professional choices and commitment to gender diversity in engineering, are potential ambassadors of their profession for young girls. The two winners will each be awarded a prize of a symbolic value of ?500. Four prizes for engineering schools Engineering schools are invited to present one or more projects that meet the objectives of the initiative. Projects can be presented by the school's management team, by administrative or teaching staff, by individual students or groups, by a student association, etc. A prize of ?500 will be awarded to each of the winning projects. How to apply? Applications open from: 15 February to 10 March 2021

The selection panel will meet in early April 2021 and will select the nominees in each category.
The winners will be presented with their awards at a public ceremony on 20 May 2021.

The competition is organised in partnership with Agence universitaire de la Francophonie, Elles bougent, Femmes ingénieurs, STMicroelectronics and Talents du numérique, with the support of ATC France, Bureau national des élèves-ingénieurs, Campus-Channel, and the Commission des titres d?ingénieur, et de Techniques de l?ingénieur.

En ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES ils ont actuellement besoin de Référent.

ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES recherche actuellement un Assistant Transformation Numérique.

Dans ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES, recherchez finalement Opérateur.

Voulez-vous devenir Gestionnaire De Scolarité H/F? Postulez pour ce poste à Nantes.


J'aime suivre ce qui se passe dans ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES, et vous? Si oui, alors des nouvelles viennent d'apparaître sur leur site

Audencia and Centrale Nantes create the very first Bachelor?s Degree in Big Data & Management

The business school and the engineering school are building on past collaborations by offering a unique new programme: the BBA Big Data and Management. It is the first time in France that such a programme has been accredited by three different government bodies: the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (grade de licence), the CEFDG (the body that evaluates management training and qualifications) and the CTI (the body that evaluates and accredits higher education institutions for the award of engineering degrees). The BBA Big Data & Management is an international four-year post-secondary programme, which will open in September 2021 on the Centrale Nantes and Audencia Atlantic campuses. The first intake will include around 40 students, both French and international. Luisa Silva, Director of the High Performance Computing Institute at Centrale Nantes, and Marc Gibiat, Director of Audencia?s Bachelor and Mastère Spécialisé® courses, are co-directors of the programme. Four years of blended learning The new BBA launched by Audencia and Centrale Nantes will allow high school graduates, who are attracted to both business and engineering, to develop dual expertise in parallel. This differs from other hybrid programmes which usually focus first on one field of expertise, then the other. At the conclusion of the demanding four-year programme, graduates will have acquired a unique blend of advanced technical skills (advanced computing, data analysis, cloud computing) and cross-functional management expertise (finance, management, marketing and strategy). Learning on an international programme Between 30 and 40% of the students on the programme will be recruited internationally and will study alongside French students. The course will be entirely taught in English. Students will spend a minimum of 15 months abroad, including two semesters taught at a partner university or on the respective offshore campuses: the Audencia campus in Shenzhen (China), and the Centrale Casablanca campus in Morocco. Three internships are also part of the programme, whereby students will acquire 12 months of professional experience, of which three months must be abroad. Meeting market demand in new professions

The programme sets out to address the growing market demand, in France and internationally, for dual managerial and technical expertise in the collection, processing and analysis of data to improve company performance. Company involvement in the curriculum is thus key to ensuring that it is fully in line with the market?s expectations. Xavier Bais, in charge of graduate recruitment marketing at Accenture, which has been a partner of both schools for several years, explains: Cooperation within educational programmes helps students to fully understand the challenges of our market and our customers. Data is an important activity within Accenture through our Applied Intelligence teams, and the skill-set resulting from this programme will be fully in line with our businesses.

Pascal Dussert, Business Marketing & Sales Leader, Connected Care, at Philips, also confirms the interest of large multinationals: Royal Philips is a leader in healthcare technologies. We invested 1.6 billion euros in 2020 in research and development. Sixty percent of this investment is related to IT, recognised as a priority and strategic development for the company. Indeed, IT plays a key role in Philips' value propositions to its customers, with a strong focus for the company on Artificial Intelligence applied to diagnostics, Cloud-based offerings for e-health services, Internet of Things for device connectivity, cybersecurity, and interoperability to support patient pathways across healthcare ecosystems. The BBA Big Data & Management will allow for the development of talented individuals whose capacities are perfectly aligned with the strategic development of Philips.
Startups also offer many opportunities for future graduates of the programme. Gaetan de Kerros, CEO of TheChinaStudio, a digital marketing agency based both in Nantes and Shanghai and specialised in consumer health, confirms this strong market demand: Our mission is to launch brands on e-commerce platforms in China and to bring strategic value to other existing brands through access to Big Data which is the back office of these platforms. The creation of the BBA Big Data & Management programme fully meets our need for young hybrid executives in roles such as digital marketing managers, data analysts and data scientists, to support the development of this rapidly growing sector. Competitive advantages of two schools Students will benefit from the recognised expertise of both schools in their respective fields, in particular through their research laboratories and chairs. Centrale Nantes has one of the most powerful supercomputers in France, used by the school's researchers and industrial partners, but also by engineering programme and master?s students, as part of their courses. Audencia will deploy its expertise in CSR to teach responsibility in data management. Both schools will also provide students with the usual support services such as international relations, corporate relations, career centres, alumni networks, etc. Synergies facilitated by the immediate proximity of the two campuses. Applications French students can apply on Parcoursup from 20 January 2021. In light of the pandemic, written tests will be not be held this year. The panel will examine each application, alongside Baccalaureate results in French, mathematics and English. Shortlisted applicants will then be interviewed and sit an English oral test. Successful applicants will be informed by the end of May.

International students will also be selected based on their application (including their mathematics and English results) and interviewed.  

More information:


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Les salaires les plus courants ici sont: moins de 2000de 2000 à 4000de 4000 à 6000plus de 6000 d'euros.

Le plus souvent, l'entreprise emploie sous contrat: CDDCDICommandeB2BAutre.

Je travaille dans cette entreprise: environ 3 moismoins d'un an2-3 ans3-5 ansplus de 5 ans.

Les principaux inconvénients de ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES sont: Très mauvaise ambianceSalaire très basSuperviseur incompétentDescription de poste inappropriéeRetards de paiementTrop de travail.

Une journée de travail dure 4810même 12 heures.

Existe-t-il un système de bonus équitable dans cette entreprise? - Certainement ouiCertainement nonPas de système de bonus.

ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES est une très bonnebonnemoyenneterrible entreprise.

Avantages: OuiNon.

Les avantages ici sont: Bonne ambianceSalaires élevésBonne équipeBon superviseurCommentairesPaiements en tempsHeures de travail flexiblesAucun avantage

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PhD Defense - Etienne PEILLARD - ED SPI

Etienne Peillard will defend his PhD thesis on Tuesday 24 November at 3.00 pm by videoconference from Centrale Nantes.

Live broadcast on Youtube, via the following link: https://youtu.be/6aw0BG1PLZ4

PhD Supervisor: Guillaume Moreau

Laboratory: AAU

Panel of Examiners:

  • Victoria INTERRANTE Professeure, Université du Minnesota (Rapportrice)
  • Jean-Louis VERCHER Directeur de Recherche, CNRS (Rapporteur)
  • Sarah CREEM-REGEHR Professeure, Université de l?Utah (Examinatrice)
  • Valérie GYSELINCK Directrice de recherche, Université Gustave Eiffel (Examinatrice)
  • Anatole LÉCUYER Directeur de recherche, Inria Rennes (Examinateur)
  • Guillaume MOREAU Professeur, École Centrale de Nantes (Dir. de thèse)
  • Ferran ARGELAGUET Chargé de recherche, Inria Rennes (Co-enc. de thèse)
  • Jean-Marie NORMAND Maître de conférences, École Centrale de Nantes (Co-enc. de thèse)
Abstract: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, these words as well as their applications are gradually becoming common usage. However, the reality proposed by these technologies is not identical to our regular reality. This work aims to highlight some perceptual biases in Mixed Reality. First we study a perceptual bias linked to the observer: the anisotropy of the egocentric distances perception in virtual reality. In a second part, we study the exocentric perception of distances in Augmented Reality (AR). Indeed the underestimation of egocentric distances is a phenomenon frequently observed and it is therefore interesting to consider its potential transfer to the exocentric perception. Then we further study other potential biases in AR by focusing in particular on evaluating the impact of depth cues on the perception of distances. In particular, we investigate in this chapter the effect of two depth cues in AR: the impact of the position and shape of shadows on distance perception, and then the influence of accommodation on distance perception using a specific display technology: retinal projection devices. Finally, we discuss the potential impact of interaction techniques on distance perception and propose a protocol to evaluate the effect of certain interactions on distance perception in AR, in order to perhaps bring it closer to real perception.



Quel est le contact avec l'entreprise?
Le contact de l'entreprise est: e-mail et téléphone: candidatures@ec-nantes.fr, 0240376814


Pour quels postes l'entreprise recrute-t-elle le plus souvent?
assistante administrative est le poste le plus souhaitable dans ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES. L'entreprise recrute le plus souvent pour ce poste.


Quels postes y a-t-il dans cette entreprise?
Dans ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES, vous pouvez travailler comme: chargé de recrutement, chercheur, ingénieur, référent, responsable développement


Quelle est l'adresse du site Web de l'entreprise?
L'adresse du site Web est http://www.ec-nantes.fr


Le télétravail est devenu le quotidien de nombreux salariés dans le monde entier. À cause de cela, aux Pays-Bas, on estime qu'il faut rembourser des frais subis par les employés. Ces coûts peuvent être très élevés, car certains ont acheté de meubles. De plus, n'oublions pas de la consommation de gaz, d’électricité, d’eau. Qui doit payer pour cela ?

J'ai été obligé d'acheter un bureau et une chaise de bureau.


Moi aussi, c'est un cauchemar!


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Offres d'emploi récemment ajoutées en ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES

Assistant administratif / Assistante administrative et comptable, Chargé / Chargée de mission programmes européens (25k € a 27k €/an), Professeur des universités - Génie informatique, automatique et traitement du signal


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Un master pro et un bon encadrement
Le recrutement pour [Ingenieur](/job/ingenieur) dans UNIVERSITE DE CAEN NORMANDIE a recommencé.
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PhD Defense - Yankai XING - ED MathSTIC

Yankai XING will defend her PhD thesis on Friday 29 January at 9.30 am by video conference from Centrale Nantes.

Supervisor: Bogdan MARINESCU

Laboratory: LS2N


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Meet us in Mexico for the "Tu maestria en Francia" online fair

Interested in studying engineering in France? Come and meet us virtually in Mexico.

17-19 February 2021 | 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm (CET) / 8.00 am to 12.00 pm (CST)

This event is organized by Campus France and features conferences on studying in France and scholarship opportunities.

You can also live chat with Marie-Pierre Pechoutre of the International Relations Department at Centrale Nantes from 9.00am to 12.00pm (CST) each day. Connect from 1 February to schedule your individual appointment.

Join us and learn all about our international Master's programmes in Marine Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Control and Robotics, Civil Engineering, City and Urban Environment and Industrial Engineering.


Curieux, que se passe-t-il à ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES? L'actualité vient de paraître sur leur site

PhD Defense: Nesrine AISSA - ED SPI

Nesrine AISSA will defend her PhD thesis on Thursday 21 January 2021 at 10.30 am by videoconference from Centrale Nantes.

PhD Supervisor: Luisa ROCHA DA SILVA

Laboratory: ICI