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la lingerie grande taille est-elle disponible ?

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Valentin's Day, gifts ideas

A top Valentine's Day with nice pieces of advice from the Cache Coeur team

Who said Valentine's Day was out of date? We are far from wanting to convey this kind of idea, yet it is a fact:

The last time you looked forward to Valentine's Day was in elementary school when Rodrigo declared his love for you. Since then, you've found it a bit "has-been" (who still uses that expression?) Or even a bit silly.

At Cache Coeur, we do not really agree, Valentine's Day is lovers' day but it's also the day when we have a good reason to ask to be pampered and to be offered the pretty maternity lingerie made in Cache Coeur (We never have enough).

If you've made it this far, you're probably pregnant, you swear by breastfeeding or maybe we just did a good job (YES!).

Tiredness, nausea, you could not know this much better ... So yes, it is difficult and you are entitled to little attentions from your lover, your children and from everyone to tell the truth;)

Some Cache Coeur gift ideas

Pregnancy is a precious moment which last 9 months and change us forever. Motherhood changes our body, our perception of things and also enlarges our heart. Maternity lingerie is now an integral part of this fabulous experience that is being pregnant. The choice of beautiful and good quality lingerie is important since it will also remain a symbol, a memory of this wonderful moment.

One day, you will fall back on this beautiful lingerie, your heart will fill with happiness as you remember those 9 months when you felt beautiful, comfortable and seductive while wearing your baby and your Cache Coeur set.

Here is a selection of Cache Coeur creations that will definitely make you fall in love

A set of Lollypop pregnancy lingerie:

The latest from Cache Coeur is a maternity lingerie set in Oeko-tex certified fiber, with Italian lace, it is also very handy when breastfeeding since it has a removable knot to position which allows to remember the last breastfeeding. We totally fall for the grenadine color which gives a little pep’s and sweetness to this set so well-thought.

A set of Louise maternity lingerie:

Louise embodies sensuality in its purest form, in its classic form it offers a sublime play of transparency. This sublime lingerie set features delicate made in France embroidery made by the Potencier workshop in the North of France.

It will be perfect to warm up your romantic evening


Do you find that giving a piece of jewelry is seen over and over? Think of the pregnancy bola, this magnificent jewel is made for pregnant women who will wear it during their pregnancy. The slight sound of a bell inside the bola is heard by your baby when in your belly, it will reassure and calm him after delivery. We offer the bola in several designs “Baby Feet", "Heart", "chic crystal Swarowski ® sphere" or even "Breton". You can also choose to personalize your bola with different strings.

Finally here are some ideas of cool little things to ask for Valentine's Day (cherry on top!):

1. A breakfast in bed, what better way to start the day like a princess?

2. A small restaurant? (We like the sarcasm of 2021)

3. Run a bath, perfect for relaxing the pelvis and relieving the pain associated with the baby's weight

4. A beautiful painting made by your elder children

5. A simple massage!

6. A good chocolate cake

7. A notebook, with lovely photos and anecdotes that recount the last years that you spent together, it’s so touching.

8. A mountain of kisses from your children

9. A candle-light dinner (yes we go into the cliché)

And there you have it, you now have all the cards in hand to suggest gifts ideas to your Valentine to celebrate and fully enjoy the day of lovers. (Do not hesitate to send him our article Valentine's Day ideas)

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World Breastfeeding Week 2020

As every year, the first week of August celebrates breastfeeding around the world.

Today, only 40% of newborns under the age of six months are reported to be breastfed worldwide.

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed is the question you are asking yourself. And it is not an easy choice. Therefore, we will try to give you some basic information to help you think about it.

Let's start with a short overview of breastfeeding and as there are 7 days in a week, we will cover 7 key points. Original, isn't it ? 

N°1: World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months of life

Beneficial for newborns :

  • - Covers all needs (vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, sugars, fats, proteins) ;
  • - Protects against infections or diseases (gastroenteritis, ear infections, allergies...) ;
  • - Promotes good digestion;
  • - Faster psychomotor development.

Beneficial for mothers :

  • - Accelerates contractions of the uterus, which returns to its place more quickly after childbirth;
  • - Decreases the risk of ovarian and breast cancer as well as the risk of osteoporosis;
  • - Helps you get back in shape;
  • - Prolongs the emotional bond.


N°2 : White gold: giving your breast milk

Breast milk is very useful for preterm babies, to prevent some complications: infections, ulcerative enterocolitis, retinopathy.

« Any woman who breastfeeds and wants to give her milk can do so. A small bottle of 100 ml of milk per day for 15 days is enough. »

In order to be able to give milk, you simply have to fulfil 4 conditions: be in good health, non-smoker, have not had a blood transfusion and have a negative serology.

The lactarium provides all the necessary explanations and equipment: breast pump, bottles...

Excess milk is frozen and given to the lactarium teams.

« The milk collected is pasteurized and checked for bacteria, viruses and fraud. »

The milk is then distributed to the neonatalogy services on medical prescription.


N°3 : Some disadvantages

  • - Breastfed babies eat more often because breast milk is digested more quickly;
  • - For the same reasons, despite the soothing effect of prolactin, the breastfed baby often needs a meal during the night. As a result, the baby usually sleeps a little later at night;
  • - Certain medications/treatments should be avoided during breastfeeding;
  • - A baby may become fussy, have difficulty sleeping or develop gas: some foods may need to be limited: spices, citrus fruits, cabbage, coffee, canned tuna/fish, alcohol.


N°4: Milk is evolving!

Nature is well-made and the body adapts perfectly to baby's needs.

At the end of the feed, milk is fatty and acts as an anti-reflux stopper, which is why it is advisable to completely empty one breast before moving on to the other. Most of the time, 1 feed = 1 breast and we switch.

In addition to evolving during the feed, the milk evolves over the weeks. For the first few days, the milk is slightly laxative and helps Baby get rid of impurities in his tummy. Then it continues to evolve at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months to adapt to the needs of a growing baby.


N°5 : The "place" of the Dad

Most of the time, the choice of whether or not to breastfeed involves the question of the father's role during this experience. Will he be able to find his place? Won't he feel too excluded during the feeding?

The father has a real role during breastfeeding, different from that of the mother but just as important! Many women said they needed more support from the father during this time.

« Sweet words, gentle gestures, helping with logistics, getting the baby to drink, carrying and changing baby while mom goes back to sleep, etc., are important. »

It is also possible for the father not to miss feeding his child and giving the bottle thanks to the breast pump!


N°6 : Answers to preconceived ideas

  • - "My breasts are too small. »

All women can breastfeed, regardless of their breast size, except in very special cases.

  • - "It will damage my breasts. »

No, it's mostly pregnancy and fat accumulation that changes the breasts. Age and smoking are also linked to a decrease in skin elasticity.

  • - "Breastfeeding makes you tired. »

No, a breastfeeding woman goes back to sleep more quickly in deep sleep after breastfeeding, thanks to the action of two hormones: prolactin and oxytocin.

  • - "Breastfeeding hurts. »

On the first few days, the breasts can be very sensitive or even painful. But breastfeeding should not hurt. If this is the case after several days, you should not stay with your pain and consult a health professional.


N°7 : Resources to go further...

To learn more, we invite you to consult the VanillaMilk application, a useful platform for serene breastfeeding. Together we share the idea that breastfeeding is a personal and sometimes difficult choice. It is important to do it consciously, according to your own feelings, and not according to the surrounding pressure that may weigh on you. Listen to yourself, inform yourself, trust yourself, and everything will be fine ! 

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We are going on the adventure of protective masks!

After two months of confinement, it's time to take our first steps towards our new life! Economic activity has been awakened and many of you have returned to work. And as we all know, even if this deconfinement initiates a return to our former life, let's savour it, it will still be with social distancing and daily barrier gestures!


In terms of barrier gestures, the daily wearing of the mask is one of the main protective measures. Today, more than 4.5 million masks are used every day and more than 84 million masks are requested from companies that can supply them!

Even more so because 2 to 3 masks are needed per day and per person for optimal protection. In fact, the average duration of protection for a mask is 4 hours, sometimes less if your mask shows signs of humidity.


Many of you have asked us if we could make masks and make them accessible to the greatest number of people. After hesitating because of our modest production capacity and faced with the reactivity and production of the big brands, we finally decided to participate in the national effort and to launch ourselves!

So we decided to ACT!

Act for you, your safety, your health, because you are our priority.

Act for the environment, the limitation of waste and the consumption of single-use goods. 

Act for all of us, for our future, by making it easier to wear masks with soft materials, modern aesthetics and thoughtful ergonomics.


More than 13,000 masks will be made in our workshops, which work tirelessly to produce hundreds of masks a day to supply as many of you as possible! They are sold 6euros on our website. 


Our textile masks made from Oeko-Tex materials follow AFNOR standards, are adjustable, washable and reusable!


Our creative designer Audrey has imagined the pattern to make these masks in our workshop.

These masks are designed with a triple thickness:

- A swimwear fabric layer

- One hundred percent cotton lining

- And an additional inner protection with the presence of a removable foam thanks to a gap at the bottom of the mask.

They will adapt perfectly to your morphology and that of the whole family thanks to these two adjustable thongs to be tied at the back of the head.



L'entreprise CACHE COEUR aborde un sujet vraiment intéressant dans une nouvelle entrée sur son site professionnel, je recommande la lecture

Discover our new click & collect

In response to the situation, we are involved in the manufacture of textile masks, adopt new measures on a daily basis and set up a new distribution channel!

Indeed, it's to face the constraints of this particular period that we have decided to set up click & collect, a method of collecting orders free of charge and directly at our head office.


Manufactured in Oeko-Tex materials and following the AFNOR standards, our textile masks are sold on our website cachecoeurlingerie.com at the price of 6€ ! Plain or patterned, all our masks are available on line and for women as well as men !

Our creator Audrey imagined the pattern to make these masks in our workshop. Composed in triple-ply tissue: swimwear fabric layer, protective lining and removable filtering foam, they will adapt perfectly to the morphologies of the whole family, thanks to its two adjustable thongs to be tied behind the head. Durable and resistant after more than twenty washes, our textile masks protect the environment while limiting waste.


Committed to the Brittany region, we also wanted to benefit the local population by offering an exceptional Click & collect service that allows free collection of all your orders directly from our head office. From now on, this new measure will be an integral part of our distribution means on a permanent basis. An additional new option, more economical, for an ever more serene daily life!

Order quite simply online using the promotional code BREST, which allows you to offset delivery costs, and then choose the option "Colissimo Point Relais Click & collect" when paying.


Then come and collect your order the next day between 3pm and 6pm at our headquarters located in the industrial zone of Kerscao in Relecq-Kerhuon! We welcome you from Monday to Thursday, except public holidays.


Practical information :

Collection address - ZI de Kerscao, Rue Jean Fourastié, 29480 Le Relecq-Kerhuon

Hours: 3pm - 6pm

Days: Monday to Thursday (excluding public holidays)


Si vous voulez être au courant des nouvelles de CACHE COEUR, je mets une nouvelle entrée sur leur site, dites-moi ce que vous en pensez

Pregnant woman 2020 : find your maternity swimwear for this summer! sse pour l'été !

Our creation team worked for 1 year to design our new swimwear collection. Audrey, Solène and Pauline who make up this team are committed to offering you products that are both trendy and adapted to the morphological evolution of your pregnancy.

Inspired by the “Floral Chic” trend, our new swimwear collection will take you on a journey this summer.


Swimwear specially designed for pregnancy

Our pregnancy swimwear are thought and designed to adapt to pregnancy and meet the comfort and support needs of future mothers. Our swimsuit made from Oeko-tex and anti-UV materials to guarantee mom-to-be health.

The Oeko-Tex label certifies the absence of harmful products in our materials.

As women are more sensitive during pregnancy, we committed to protecting their health as well as possible, which is why we selected anti-UV materials to guarantee optimal sun protection.

Maternity swimsuits with a retro look

These pregnancy swimwear that make you flash back in the 80s! Find the alliance of pop and flashy colors with timeless and vintage shapes and materials.


Glamor effect guaranteed with the maternity tankini St-Tropez! Your pregnancy curves will  sublimate thanks to a plunge neckline and a pretty bare back. Its textured material brings a touch of originality to this retro swimwear! This model is available in red for a more flashy look this summer.


The “Floral Chic” trend sublimates the mom-to-be

From tropical print to vitamin colors, exoticism and plants have come together to enlighten pregnant women this year!











Crush for the Honolulu 1-piece swimsuit! Its sportwear shape combined with an exotic and bright print offers to the mom-to-be a chic beachwear look. We love its neckline which is highlighted thanks to a plunging neckline subtly hidden by small links.


Adopt an ethnic look during your pregnancy

Wild destinations! Discover an ethnic universe with warm colors and textured materials.

The Bloom pregnancy tankini seduce you with its copper color which will sublimate your tanned complexion this summer. Its ultra petal cut gives originality and femininity to the swimwear!












Also discover our other pregnancy swimwear! It's up to you to choose the model that suits you, whether in a 1-piece swimsuit, tankini or bikini, Cache Coeur maternity swimsuits offers you all the comfort and support you need for 9 months or more. No more simple and basic pregnancy swimwear, the Cache Coeur models are resolutely trendy and feminine! What bathing suit are you going to adopt for sunbathing on the beach this summer?