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S60 wins the 2020 Good Design Award

We are delighted to announce that we have won the prestigious 2020 GOOD DESIGN AWARD with our LaCimbali S60.

The Good Design Award is the world?s oldest and most widely recognized award for design excellence, sponsored by the Chicago Athenaeum, the Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, now in its 70th year.

A perfect combination and extraordinary synthesis between the most innovative technologies of a fully automatic machine and the distinctive characteristics of a traditional model, LaCimbali S60, designed by Valerio Cometti+V12 Design, is a machine with an elegant design featuring chrome details.

Distinguished by the classic C shape typical of our brand, as well as by innovative technological details, such as the double screen (7? Touchscreen + 11? TFT display) and user-friendly keypad for drink selection, the S60 is the first fully automatic machine with the look and feel of a traditional coffee machine.

This award is just the latest in a number of accolades that we have received for our products over the years.

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En GRUPPO CIMBALI FRANCE SAS ils ont actuellement besoin de 1 Barista H/F.

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S15 2S21



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S15 is designed to be connected and to offer all the advantages of IoT. Thanks to the Wi-fi connection, the machine can communicate and it gives the chance to our customers to remotely monitor all features and performance, withouth any need for physical intervention, while sitting comfortably at the office.

In addition, thanks to the Cup4You App it is possible to interact with S15 directly from tablet or smartphone. A new, touchless and intuitive way to manage, customise, and send the orders to the machine.



Cette expérience m’a beaucoup appris en Commerce et m’a donner confiance en moi.


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L'entreprise offre un salaire moyen de 1800 par mois.


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Dans GRUPPO CIMBALI FRANCE SAS, vous pouvez travailler comme: préparateur de commandes, gestionnaire paie, commerciale, technicien, commercial


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Le plus souvent, GRUPPO CIMBALI FRANCE SAS recrute pour le poste de technicien.


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L'adresse du site Web est http://www.cimbali.com


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Gruppo Cimbali will be the focus of ?Brave! Le aziende che accendono l?Italia?, for TIMVISION

Coffee lovers will want to tune in on Wednesday, December 30 to TIMVISION, TIM?s tv with over 2 million registered users.

Gruppo Cimbali will be the star of the fifth installment of ?Brave! Le aziende che accendono l?Italia?, the new original production dedicated to our country?s outstanding business enterprises, which has been running every Wednesday since December 2 on TIM?s platform.

In live conversations shot at the Group?s striking headquarters in Binasco just outside Milan, TIMVISION?s cameras will be focused on the story of the most important phases and successes of a worldwide ambassador of espresso culture.

The 30-square-meter copper works shop opened in 1912; the launch of coffee-machine production in 1930; the first sales abroad around the end of the 1940s. And then, the beginnings of industrialization with the Cimbali Pitagora designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the first and only coffee machine ever to have won the prestigious Compasso d?Oro (Golden Compass) in 1962.

And of course we can?t forget the 2012 founding of the MUMAC ? Museo della macchina per caffè (Museum of the Coffee Machine) by Gruppo Cimbali, the world?s first and largest permanent exposition of professional espresso coffee machines, with more than 100 machines on display at the Group?s headquarters in Binasco.

This unique location has a multimedia exhibition that narrates the 100 years of history of an entire ?made in Italy? sector, offering a complete overview of the evolution not only of the design and technology of traditional espresso machines, but also of consumer habits and customs from the sector?s origin to the present day.

«The coffee machine has always been a part of my life ? it?s indissolubly tied to my earliest memories» says Maurizio Cimbali, President of the Gruppo. «In 2012 - Maurizio Cimbali continues ? when we were celebrating the centennial of the founding of La Cimbali, we were thinking about what sort of event could mark this important anniversary, and we decided there couldn?t be anything better than to create something that not only marked it, but that above all would endure. And so, the MUMAC was born, a place where our collection is displayed, along with that of Enrico Maltoni, the most important collector in the sector, and a place that has over time become a real museum dedicated to coffee, the site of our coffee academy, a library and an exhibition area called Hangar 100, which periodically hosts events».

One part of the Wednesday, December 30 broadcast is reserved for a segment on the MUMAC Coffee Academy a center for training and the dissemination of coffee culture, and for meetings with clients; it offers a complete educational/training program dedicated to the world of coffee, and hosts sessions and masterclasses with top national and international experts in the sector, as well as world champions in the most important and popular disciplines.

But that?s not all. There?s also space for technological innovations, which have always been a fundamental element of the Group?s production philosophy and are today absolute protagonists in terms of solutions for the internet of things, offering our clients ever-more efficacious tools for monitoring and understanding consumer preferences, developing their business, increasing the reliability of the machines and proposing new forms of technical support.

The collaboration between Gruppo Cimbali and TIM grew out of our aspiration to connect the Group?s machines safely and easily, so that users could access all the benefits of the internet of things. Thanks to the system the two companies developed together, our coffee machines, wherever they may be in the world, can be geo-located, transmit information on their functioning in real-time and be remotely accessed. 

The journey into the Gruppo Cimbali world will also make a stop at the Group?s main manufacturing site, located inside the Binasco headquarters, to focus on the differences in the manufacturing processes of a traditional machine and a super-automatic one, and on the Kaizen method, a business philosophy based on the idea of constant continuous improvement throughout the company structure, which the Group has adopted in recent years. 

«This difficult period that the entire world is going through - Maurizio Cimbali concludes ? is a sign that makes us realize the importance of reflecting on what each one of us can do, concretely, to guarantee a better future for generations to come. At Gruppo Cimbali, we?ll never stop innovating, and we?ll continue to put all of our skill, creativity and passion into our products to meet the needs of our clients».

Don?t miss this opportunity to get a close-up look at a group that?s a symbol of excellence ?made in Italy?, and that has contributed to upholding our country?s name and status in international markets for over 100 years.



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